The future is bright for insurance agents.

Graduation is a time to savor your success … and plan for the future. It’s time to start building your career. The choices you make today will impact your personal satisfaction and earnings tomorrow.

That’s why it’s important to choose a job that offers stability and growth. You can find both, and more, as an American Senior Benefits affiliated agent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for insurance agents will grow at a rate of almost 10% between now and 2026 … resulting in almost 50,000 new job openings.

The potential for high earnings … and advancement

An insurance agent’s income is limited only by his or her own desire to succeed. The need for insurance is great. The more you’re willing to work, the more you’ll earn. Most agents work for commissions, but there are a number of salaried positions available. And with the growing demand for agents, there are many opportunities for advancement.

As an agent, you have the opportunity to choose your own work environment. About half of all insurance agents work for an independent agent or insurance broker and sell products from multiple companies. About 20 percent are self-employed, and others work directly for a single insurance company. American Senior Benefits created a hybrid business model to combine the best aspects of both the independent and captive agency models. You will receive the support and training of a captive agency while also being able to offer products from over 150 highly rated carriers, so you never lose at the kitchen table.

* Compensation for ASB affiliated agents on average is 10%+ higher than the median industry average

On the job training

Few companies offer the level of training offered by American Senior Benefits. We give agents the tools they need to succeed by offering expert training, one-on-one coaching, and targeted career development. The insurance industry itself also supports agents with ongoing workshops and seminars.

Flexible work hours

A career in insurance sales offers a flexibility few occupations can match. Agents can typically choose their own hours and whether to work in the office … or from home. And in most cases, they can schedule appointments to accommodate their own needs, resulting in a good work-life balance.

Personal satisfaction

Insurance policies protect people from the financial loss that results from unexpected circumstances. Those without adequate protection put themselves at financial risk. The recommendations an agent makes directly impact the financial well-being of clients and their families. Insurance agents truly make a real difference in the lives of those they serve.

Is it for you?

If you’re looking personal satisfaction, flexibility, and unlimited earning potential, consider a career in insurance sales. American Senior Benefits is now hiring recent grads who are looking to start a promising career in insurance.

With Over 100 offices nationwide, your new career is never very far away.
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